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  Luigi Borrelli Shirts
Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection shirts, and super sakellaridis exclusive egyptian cotton shirts
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Men Dress Shirts and Sport Shirts, popular with professional men whom appreciate sartorial and bespoke clothing.

Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection Shirts

Sartorial, Hand Made in Napoli, Italy
Hand sewn armhole buttonholes and hand sewn collar etc.

$385 - $600

Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection
$610 - $780

  Tom Ford Shirts borrelli shirt borrelli shirt Men Dress Shirts | White Collar Shirts | Highstand Collar | French Cuffs | tab Collar | Pin Collar Nice Quality, Bit Pricey, Hand Made in Switzerland & Italy $600 - $740  
  Brioni Shirts brioni shirt brioni shirt

Men Dress Shirt | Men Button-down Shirts | Men Sport Shirts | Silk Shirts

Brioni also has a high-end line of shirts: Brioni Sartoriale (Which has 11 hand made steps).

Excellent Quality, Made in Italy $455 - $625  
  Zilli Shirts Zilli Men dress shirt , hand made in Italy. Zilli dress shirts with pointed collar, hidden button-down collar in various colors and styles, bespoke quality. Bespoke quality dress shirts, original designs, classic, hand made in Italy $580 - $1090  
  Ermenegildo Zegna Shirts zegna shirt Men Dress Shirts - White Slim Fit Dress Shirt incl. Couture Collection Made in Turkey/ Romania/ Italy $275 - $395  
  Canali Shirts zegna shirt Men Designer Shirt for the professional men who wears a white dress shirt or white dress shirt with a slight stripe on a daily base, Canali dress shirts. Made in Italy
Regular fit, modern fit and slim fit shirts available.
$235 - $325  
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  Kiton Napoli Shirts Kiton Napoli Shirts Men Dress Shirts for the sartorialist, great hand finishing details. Sartorial quality Hand Made in Italy $500 - $875  
  Mattabisch Napoli Shirts Mattabisch Napoli Shirts Sartorial quality men dress shirts, hand made in Italy, hand stitched button holes, french placket, thick mother-of-pearl buttons. Sartorial quality Hand Made in Italy - a Kiton Company $425-$550  
  Barba Shirts Barba Shirts Barba Napoli dress shirts and Barba Dandylife, The Vintage Shirt collections. Sartorial hand stitching. Made in Italy $295- $455  
  Isaia Shirts Barba Shirts Barba Shirts Isaia Men Dress Shirts, check, stripes most with moderate spread collar. Isaia Napoli. Hand Made in Italy $395 - $535  
  Pin Collar Shirts and Tabbed Collar Dress Shirts tab-collar
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Pin Collar Shirts
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Luigi Borrelli Men Shirts

BorrelliĀ“s basic philosophy was and keeps on being to offer a brand name men shirt with perfect fitting. Hand made for many years by craftsman. The armhole is hand stitch, which gives it more realistic fit then machine made shirts. Hand made in Napoli, Italy. Ships in beautiful Luigi Borrelli gift box. Men Designer Shirts.

Napolitan tailors, Napolitan traditions.



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